Microsoft Launches New Centralized Management Tool for Windows Server and Windows 10

Microsoft is launching a new management platform for Windows Server and Windows 10 machines. The company first launched the tool at Ignite last year as Project “Honolulu”, and it’s now available to all customers as Windows Admin Center.

Windows Admin Center is effectively a centralized solution for managing machines powered by Windows Server and Windows 10. Using Windows Admin Center, IT Pros can easily track, manage, and control their machines from a local, browser-based solution without needing to separately access all the existing tools like Event Manager, Task Manager, Server Manager, etc. in Windows. Windows Admin Center also comes with a platform for extensions which will allow users to further expand the functionalities of the platform with third-party extensions once Microsoft releases the SDK for building extensions.

It is important to note that Windows Admin Center is a local solution — in other words, it doesn’t require customers to have an Azure account or even an internet connection. Microsoft received a ton of positive response from customers when the tool first launched in a technical preview, with more than 25 thousand deployments across the world. The company says Windows Admin Center is built to work best with Windows Server 2019, which will ship later this year.

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