Overview of Azure SQL Database Performance Monitoring

Transitioning to the Platform-as-a-Service model typically implies relinquishing certain degree of control over your computing environment. One of the primary concerns related to this transition is diminished level of transparency providing insights into performance of cloud-resident workloads. Fortunately, with Azure SQL Database, you have a wide range of options that address this concern, allowing you to identify and remediate overwhelming majority of performance-related issues.

Traditional mechanisms that used to be employed by database administrators to monitor their on-premises SQL Server instances, including SQL Profiler and SQL Trace are not only absent in Azure SQL Database (although SQL Profiler is supported by Managed Instance), but have been deprecated SQL Server 2017. However, Microsoft offers several cloud-based features that deliver functionality exceeding the capabilities of their legacy counterparts:

In addition, you have the ability to leverage tools and techniques meant to replace SQL Profiler and SQL Trace in SQL Server-based deployments, which offer the same or superior functionality, while, at the same time, result in a considerably lower performance overhead. The primary offerings in this category include Extended Events, Database Management Views (DMVs) and Query Store:

Finally, you also have the option of leveraging intelligence built into the underlying platform in order to apply performance-related remediating actions. This functionality is offered by SQL Database Advisor, which provides performance recommendations and assists with their implementation and by Automatic Tuning that continuously monitors executing queries and dynamically adjusts database settings to optimize their performance. We will be exploring these features in more details in upcoming articles published on this site.

Source: https://www.databasejournal.com/features/mssql/overview-of-azure-sql-database-performance-monitoring.html

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