TPC-H Benchmarking with SQL Server on Linux – Microsoft

Tobias and Slava are back in the studio to showcase the work they have been doing on the TPC-H benchmarking. As normal, no slides, all demo, and Slava and Tobias spend nearly 30 minutes show us how they achieved respectable TPC-H benchmark performance numbers which were recently published.

After spending a few minutes providing some insight into how they have been working on optimizing performance, Slava jumps right into the demos, showcasing the TPC-H performance they are achieving and how far they have come so that they can achieve these numbers. He does this by executing query 18 of the TPC-H benchmark tests, and shows the steps they went through to get publishable performance numbers, including, among other things, enabling transparent huge pages which is specific to TPC-H workloads, which turns out to be the last step in getting the TPC-H results.

I won’t give too much away as this video is a must-watch!


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