5 best software to reset Windows Server password in 2019

WinGeeker Ultimate

WinGeeker Ultimate

WinGeeker Ultimate looks identical to iSeePassword Recovery Tool by design language. It is also a premium tool that costs $29.95, but you can download the free trial for testing. The free trial allows you to create bootable USB drive and boot using the drive.

You can also see all the user accounts associated with the computer, however, to reset the password you need a premium version.

WinGeeker Ultimate can be used to reset administrator password for Windows OS as well as Windows Server 2016/2012/2008 R2 version.

To reset Windows Server password, download WinGeeker Ultimate from the official website and run the program. Insert a CD drive or USB flash drive, select it under right option and click on Burn to US /Burn to CD/DVD.

Next, remove the USB drive and insert into to a computer with Windows Server password lock. Go to BIOS and change the boot drive/device to USB flash drive/CD.

Reboot your computer and wait for the WinGeeker Ultimate program to run.  Select the user account for which you want to reset the password and click on Reset Password button.

Close WinGeeker Ultimate window and restart your computer. Create a new administrator/user account after logging into your computer.

Download WinGeeker Ultimate


Being locked out from Window Server account is scary as the OS is used as a business solution. Fortunately, one of the software in this list should be able to help you to recover Windows Server password.

While it is only clever to use the most complicated password to protect your user account against hackers and other threats, it is sensible to use a password manager to organize all your password at one place securely.


Source: https://windowsreport.com/reset-windows-server-password/

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