Unlock storage savings with Windows Server deduplication

Set up a proper time for Windows Server deduplication

Deduplication does not run on dedicated hardware, and the optimization process does not occur on the fly, but rather during a scheduled time. Storage savings will decrease during the day and then increase the next morning after deduplication process runs.

Deduplication is not a lightweight process; it requires a lot of the CPU’s resources. The dedupe process involves several jobs, including optimization, garbage collection and integrity scrubbing. Administrators should avoid running deduplication during peak hours — or even during production hours — unless they can allocate enough resources to avoid system slowdowns that could affect users.

Storage savings will vary, but Microsoft documents estimate deduplication will reduce the storage footprint by an average of 50% to 60% based on general files, ISOs, virtual disks and Office documents. Even if an organization doesn’t reach those numbers, even a 40% space reduction can result in significant savings both on the infrastructure and on the bottom line for what is essentially a free deduplication service.

Source: https://searchwindowsserver.techtarget.com/tip/Unlock-storage-savings-with-Windows-Server-deduplication

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